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ELON® Hair Essentials

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  • $69.99 ELON® Moisture Therapy Collection
    ELON® Moisture Therapy Collection DescriptionELON® Essentials Moisture Therapy Collection is enriched with a unique moisture balance protein complex to restore hair and optimize moisture levels. Nourishes hair...

  • $29.99 ELON® R3 Extra Strength (Supplement for Noticeably Thinning Hair) TIME RELEASED
    ELON® R3 Extra Strength (Supplement for Noticeably Thinning Hair) Description   Scientific studies have been published that show the ingredients contained within the ELON® R3 Extra...

  • $14.99 ELON® Moisture Therapy Pre-Wash
    Step 1: ELON® Moisture Therapy Pre-Wash Description How it Works: Developed for hair in need of restoration and relief. Nourish and revitalize damaged hair with our pre-shampoo treatment. This intense, daily...

  • $61.99 ELON® Thinning Hair System: Original with Matrix 5,000
    ELON® Thinning Hair System DescriptionA system specifically designed to help thinning hair problems... externally and internally. A combination of oral supplements to reduce thinning, topical treatments to replace...

  • $19.99 ELON® Moisture Therapy Shampoo
    Step 2: ELON® Moisture Therapy Shampoo Description How it Works: Specially formulated to extend the life and brilliance of your hair color. Designed for hair in need of nourishment and moisture. Ultra-mild agents...

  • $64.99 ELON® Thinning Hair System: Early Stages of Hair Loss with Matrix 5,000
    ELON® Thinning Hair System: Early Stages of Hair Loss DescriptionHow it Works: A 3 - step system designed to combat hair loss and promote thicker, healthier, fuller hair. NEW ELON® topical hair loss treatments...

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